Hydraulic Trailers

We have put all our information here in one easy to find location. This is a great spot for finding information on picking your new GS Hydraulic Trailer. When ordering your next house, make sure that you request that you want a GS Trailer as your frame option.

Hydraulic Trailers

All of our Hydraulic Trailers feature the most cutting edge technology in Fish House Trailer design. See some of the key features below.

Maintenance free and greasless pivot points - 6" pole tongue - Formed cross members for spray foam access - Open center rear sections for better hole placement

An optional 6x6 rear bumper tube can be subsituted for rear sewer hose storage.

The files below are true drawn to scale pdf files. Find your desired length, click on the trailer picture and print it out to start your new fish house design layout.

For Retail Pricing on Frames, Here is the 2019 Pricing for Hydraulic Trailers.

Retail Pricing

14' Single Axle

GS Trailers 16'

16' Single Axle

GS Trailers 16'

17' Single Axle

GS Trailers 17'

17' Tandem Axle

GS Trailers 17'

18' Tandem Axle

GS Trailers 18'

19' Tandem Axle

GS Trailers 19'

20' Tandem Axle

GS Trailers 20'

21' Tandem Axle

GS Trailers 21'

22' Tandem Axle

GS Trailers 22'

24' Tandem Axle

GS Trailers 24'

26' Tandem Axle

GS Trailers 26'

28' Tandem Axle

GS Trailers 28'

30' Triple Axle

GS Trailers 30'

40' Triple Axle 5th Wheel

GS Trailers 30'