Function & Fit is the
key to a great Trailer

Designed and Engineered to the highest standards.

From Crank-up and Hydraulic Frames for Ice Castle to

the New Knight Series Dump Trailers.

Why Choose A GS Trailer

GS Trailers is the leading innovator and builder of the highest quality fish house frames.

Each trailer is Engineered, Analized and Tested to make sure that the trailer performs how it is supposed to.

We have taken years of experience and modern technology and combined it into products that work for the customer.

See why GS Trailers is the trailer that other competitors copy.


Here are some pictures of our trailers.

GS Trailers for Ice Castle Fish Houses

Driven by a passion for Excellence - with help from 1000's of owners and thier knowledge and input

Meet Our Team

Everyone at GS Trailers strives to make the best product possible.

Don Smith

CEO / President

Driven by the Passion for the Outdoors and Problem Free Products.

Greg Smith

Purchasing / CEO

Fishing Guro - Summer and Winter. Fish house owner, user, guide. Innovative With a Passion for Purchasing

Aaron Schmidt

Lead Engineering, Sales

Extremist. Large truck and trailer background. Designed for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Cargill, Caterpillar and More


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